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Welcome to Incheon

Incheon was the gateway to Korea in Modernization Era of Joseon dynasty(late 19th century) and now also is the one where the international airport is located. Therefore this city has lots of titles of the FIRSTs in Korea: the venue 1st international agreement was joined, 1st social club between foreigners, 1st railway, 1st free foreign trade market, 1st modern hotel, 1st lighthouse, etc. Survey 2 aspects of Incheon: historic site of modernization and state of art New Town. Since the trade inland in Korean Peninsula was allowed to Chinese merchants in 1883, this city came to get one of China Towns. Sure Incheon has the first & biggest China Town in South Korea. And now this area boasts many restaurants with Chinese Korean fusion cuisine such as jajangmyeon (Korean black bean sauce noodles) & Jiamppong (Korean spicy seafood noodles). In China Town, visitors can enjoy the delicious Chinese-Korean fusion cuisine and discover fascinating buildings and museums from the 19th Century, such as traditional Chinese gates, a Taoist Temple, Chinese schools, culture exchange centers and a mural depicting the story of the three kingdoms. In addition, you can get some pleasure in locating K-drama ‘Goblin’ shooting sites where Gongyu starred around this area. Those are Art Flatform, Jemulpo Gurakbu(Foreigners’ Social Club), Geu-Mart, and some spots around Jayu Park.

When you walk up for 10 minutes passing by some drama filming sites, you can meet Jayu Park. Also known as Freedom Park, this observatory place got its name when a statue of General MacArthur, who successfully led the Incheon Amphibious Landing Operation during the Korean War, was erected at the summit of Mt. Eungbongsan. This is Korea’s first Western-style green park. Visitors can enjoy the views of downtown Incheon, surrounding mountains, harbor facilities and the beautiful beach.

Coming down on the right direction from the Jayu park, we encounter a town of fantasy, Fairy Tale Village is also known as Songwol-dong fairy town village. This is a beautiful place to take pictures and take a walk around after lunch because Fairy Tale Village is just next to the China Town. Painted houses and window frames decorate the whole village. Painting of fairy-tale story’s characters, animals, flowers, rainbow stairs, etc. is scattered around this town. Such a Fairy Tale Wonderland!

Now let’s go to a site of proof for the religious influx from Western World in Incheon. Dap-dong Catholic church is a Gothic style brick architecture, first built in 1897, being one of the oldest Western-style architectures in Korea. Wilhelm’s successor designed this gothic-style cathedral. Cathedral has a ground plan in the shape of a cross and is built mainly in red bricks, with granite in some important parts. A set of beautiful rose windows decorates the central front entrance.


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